Thai Food Hunglay Curry Recipe. Thai cuisine uses various types of curry paste. A Thai curry dish is made from curry paste, coconut milk or water, meat, seafood, vegetables or fruit, and herbs. Today there are four main curries in Thai cuisine: green, red, yellow, and massaman.
Curries in Thailand mainly differ from the curries in Indian cuisine in their use of ingredients such as herbs and aromatic leaves over a mix of spices. The spiciness of Thai curries depends on the amount and kind of chili used in the making of the paste. Even within one type of curry, the spiciness can differ widely. Thai food curry recipes start with a very intense and fragrant curry paste or sauce, usually made by hand with pestle & mortar. Once the paste/sauce is made, Thai curry is extremely easy to create, simply by adding any variety of meat, seafood, vegetables, or tofu and cooking it in the oven (like a casserole).

The roots of Thai food curry recipes can be found both in regional tastes and flavors as well as in the influence of cooking styles from nearby cultures. Thai food recipes are influenced by Indian and Malaysian spices and dishes. Thais were quick to add these wonderful flavors to their own unique version of curry. The word “curry” refers to dishes using either an Indian-style or Indian-influenced curry powder that is made with spices that are common to Indian dishes but less often used in these proportions in Thai cuisine.
Thai curries are eaten in combination with rice. Long-grained jasmine rice in central and southern Thailand and sticky rice in northern and northeastern Thailand, and sometimes with noodles. Certain Thai curries can also be eaten with roti, the Thai version of the Indian-style fried flat bread from Malaysia called roti canai.

Thai curry ingredients
Curry paste: Thai curries are always made with a curry paste. Common ingredients used in many Thai curry pastes are:
Shrimp paste
Chillies; depending on the curry these can be dried or fresh, red or green
Onions or shallots
Coriander (cilantro) root
Coconut milk is not included in this definition and many Thai curries, such as gaeng som and gaeng pa, do not feature it. Curries in northern Thai cuisine, with only a few exceptions, do not use coconut milk due to coconut palms not growing well, if at all, in the climate of the Thai highlands.

Depending on the type of Thai food curry recipe, additional ingredients for the paste can include spices such as turmeric, pepper, coriander seeds, cardamom pods, and cumin, or other ingredients such as boiled fermented fish, and fingerroot. Ingredients are traditionally ground together with a mortar and pestle, though increasingly with an electric food processor. With many curries, the paste is first stir-fried in cooking oil before other components are added into the dish. This allows certain flavors in the spices and other ingredients in the curry paste to develop that cannot be released at the lower temperature of boiling water.

Thai food curry pastes can be made at home from the bare ingredients, bought freshly made at markets in Thailand, or they can be had packaged at shops and supermarkets.

Main ingredients
Most Thai curries are made with meat, fish or shellfish as their main ingredient. Vegetables and fruit, but also certain tree leaves, flowers, and banana can be added. Ingredients in Thai food curry recipes are dictated by regional and seasonal availability. Both pork and chicken are easily available in Thailand, and so are many varieties of fish, and shellfish, both freshwater species from the many rivers, lakes and rice paddies, as well as saltwater species from the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Other traditional ingredients in Thai food curry recipes include frogs, snakes, snails, wild birds and game, such as deer and wild boar. Commonly used vegetables in curries are Thai eggplant, yardlong beans, and different types of squash and pumpkins.

Thai Hunglay Curry

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