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Hello, Foodies,
Lets make simple, easy and quick yet super delicious French toast.
This recipe is just easy and go to recipe to make french toast even in early morning for breakfast. Cinnamon adds just lovely flavor to the toast and honey drizzle at the end makes it melt in mouth.

I cut the bread slices in the shape of sticks so kids love it. The ingredients for French Toast are as follows:

Bread 3 Slices
Eggs 2
Milk 2 Tbsp
Cinnamon Powder ½ tsp
Cardamom Powder ¼ tsp
Vanilla Essence 2 drops
Sugar 1 Tbsp
Butter 2 Tbsp
Cinnamon Sugar Powder to sprinkle
Honey or Maple Syrup to dunk or drizzle

Step 1:
Whisk together eggs, milk, cinnamon powder, cardamom powder, vanilla essence and sugar in a bowl.
Step 2:
Cut bread slices into four long pieces and place a few at a time into the egg mixture and flip to make sure both sides of bread are well-coated.
Step 3:
Melt butter in the pan and quickly transfer the bread pieces in the pan. Cook about 2-3mins on each side.
Step 4:
Take out in a plate and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar powder mixture. Drizzle honey or maple syrup.

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Enjoy your easy and quick cinnamon french toast!
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