PALEO APPROVED STUFFED BAKED POTATO [Simple Family Dinner Recipes | Paleo Family Meals]

PALEO APPROVED STUFFED BAKED POTATO [Simple Family Dinner Recipes | Paleo Family Meals]

One of the many benefits of a paleo diet is the lack of processed foods used in cooking. But that doesn’t do any good if you don’t have the time to prepare a meal from scratch.

That is why these Stuffed Baked Potato recipes are winners in our home. Both versions of this recipe offer a tasty meal that can be prepared quickly without sacrificing the health benefits from eating a paleo approved family meal.

Our Chicken Broccoli Caesar Potato is a RE-MIX inspired by Real Food With Jessica:

Like the original, we prefer to bake our potatoes, but we know you won’t always have that luxury. A QUICK TIP to save cooking time is to pop the potatoes into the microwave to cook them. Microwaving takes a fraction of the time. It won’t taste quite the same as a baked potato, but it will be close.

Once cooked, scoop, mix and stuff as shown in the video. You can use ranch (as in the original) or follow our RE-MIX and use Caesar. ANOTHER QUICK TIP is to grab a store-bought paleo dressing instead of mixing our own. Many stores are carrying paleo certified options, but if you cannot find one at your local store, we recommend

This simple family dinner recipe comes together quickly and can be made into another meal simply by changing the stuffing. Another RE-MIX on the stuffed potato we love was inspired by Paleo Running Momma:

We added chicken and our own spinach artichoke (which you can find here:
and came away with another great stuffed potato recipe.

Paleo family meals don’t have to be difficult. We are here to help so check back as we add more recipes with your busy schedule in mind. For now, get that meal on the table and don’t forget to subscribe.

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From our kitchen to yours, Enjoy!