Indian veg keto recipes for fast weight loss

Indian veg keto recipes for fast weight loss

Hi friends,
Today’s video is about on 5 minute keto தயிர் சாதம் and payasam which is an indian veg keto recipes for weight loss that you can have without any guilt.

The recipe turned out very well. It satisfied my taste buds, was low in carbs and kept me full.

Hope you will like it.

Try it and comment below.
We are at the last day of the weight loss challenge.
Go ahead and share your results.
I hope it changed your perspective on health and weigh loss a little.

We are going to do more keto recipes, how to start an stay in keto, keto shopping list, what to eat on keto and what not to eat on keto, keto and low-carb eating challenge, health benefits of keto and intermittent fasting and much more.

Please watch my channel for other videos on how I lost my weight, my weight loss journey, how I maintain my weight, walking for weight loss, low-carb recipes, keto, intermittent fasting, workouts, and other indian diet chart/indian diet plans that you can follow and that works when it comes to losing weight. All these weight loss videos are in Tamil.

I hope the weight loss tips in tamil would help you in your weight loss journey. Keep rocking and do not give up.