Fajita Bowls | Quick & Healthy Mexican Food Recipe

Fajita Bowls | Quick & Healthy Mexican Food Recipe

These Fajita Bowls filled with tons of yummy veggies, beans, chicken and cheese will have you looking at Fajita’s in a whole new light!

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White Onion 1 Medium

Jalapeno 1

Tri Colored Frozen Peppers 16 oz

Mini Plum Tomatoes 8 oz

Grilled Chicken Strips 6 oz

Ezekiel Wraps 2

Fage Greek Yogurt 2 TBL

Lite Mexican Shredded Cheese 4 TBL

Black Beans 15 oz

Crushed Garlic 1 TSP

Salt to taste

Seasoning Blend (Paprika, Basil & Black Pepper to taste


Slice your Onion and toss them in a large skillet that’s heated and has
been sprayed down with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Allow to soften.

Next add a Jalapeno that’s been sliced into fourths. If you prefer
your dish to be less spicy then remove the veins and seeds of the
Jalapeno before adding to the dish.

Now add your Jalapeno to the skillet.

Next add your bag of Frozen Tri Colored Peppers.

Cut your Mini Plum Tomatoes in half and add to the skillet.
Add Salt to taste and cover until veggies are soft and

Next drain a can of Black Beans and place them in a microwave
safe dish. Add your Crushed Garlic, Salt and Seasoning Blend.
Pop in a microwave to heat.

On a microwave safe dish add your Frozen Chicken Strips and
place in the microwave to heat.

Warm up your wraps be placing them directly on the stove and
flip as each side gets heated.

Now time to assemble!

Place your wraps in a bowl and then start piling on your
Veggies, Black Beans and Chicken Strips. Top off with a Tablespoon of Greek Yogurt on each bowl and 2 Tablespoons of Lite Mexican
Shredded Cheese.

Serve and Enjoy!


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