Calling In Peace, Opening Your Heart ⎢ Life Cleanse Week 3

Calling In Peace, Opening Your Heart ⎢ Life Cleanse Week 3

Have you ever felt like you were open and giving, yet your heart was slowly hardening and encasing itself? In this sermon, Rev. Alaric teaches about the power of blooming and opening our hearts, while being able to flourish in any weather. To be vulnerable, open, and at peace with quiet strength. Versus being extremely giving yet feeling exhausted or bitter, with no peace of mind.

Sermon by modern monk, Rev. Alaric Hutchinson, at the Dunisha Sanctuary in Bayfield, Colorado. February 16th, 2020.

~ Seven Week Cleanse: Midwinter to Spring Equinox ~
“In Dunisha, each day our mind rests upon the awareness of inviting freshness into our lives. Remember—dead leaves hanging onto branches of trees provide no nutrients. Through this practice of inviting freshness, we shed our leaves and welcome new growth.”
— Alaric Hutchinson

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