Buffalo Chicken Dip – The Cooking Show

Buffalo Chicken Dip – The Cooking Show

Farideh teams up with Peter from the Munchies video team to bring his award-winning buffalo chicken dip to the next level.

Farideh kicks the dish up a notch by roasting a whole chicken, shredding the meat, and frying up the skin for a crispy garnish. Farideh then whips up some homemade ranch dressing with mayo, sour cream, buttermilk, white vinegar, garlic powder, dill, and chives– and adds blue cheese crumbles and shredded cheddar for good measure. She then adds in Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce, the chicken meat, and cream cheese, mixes it all together, and pours it into a baking dish, topping it with extra cheddar.

The dip goes into the oven and comes out hot and bubbling, finished with crispy chicken skin and scallions, and is served with celery sticks and tortilla chips. The result is a buffalo chicken dip so good, it could win the Super Bowl.

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