A Weekend On 97p Per Day – Limited Budget Food Challenge – Day 2

A Weekend On 97p Per Day – Limited Budget Food Challenge – Day 2

I thought it might be interesting to set myself a challenge, so I did. This is the preparation, and Day 1 of the challenge itself.
The challenge is to see if I can buy enough food for myself and Jenny for the weekend (3 meals x 2 days x 2 people) for a total of £3.88
– that’s £3.88 for the whole lot – 97p per person per day.

NOTE: the sole purpose of this video is to create a challenge, then respond to it; this is not intended to represent (and certainly not to mock or ridicule) any kind of natural, real-world situation.

Day 1 is here:

The crux of the challenge is not just how I can feed myself on a tight budget, but how can I also try to provide variety and balanced nutrition when the total budget is so small, and it shuts off any opportunity for buying in bulk.

There wasn’t enough money in the pot to buy any kind of dried beans without compromising on other items such as vegetables, so … my shopping ended up being (prices in GBP):
Carrots – 0.10
Parsnips – 0.15
Rice – 0.45
Beans – 0.22
Tomatoes – 0.28
Chick peas – 0.40
Noodles – 0.14
Pears – 0.59
Eggs – 0.79
Salad – 0.12
Milk – 0.50
Onion – 0.10
Mushroom – 0.03
Brussels sprout – 0.01

I decided that each meal (for 2 of us) can be augmented by up to a total of 1 tablespoonful of commodities from my store cupboards such as spices, flavourings, seasonings and oil, and each served meal can be enhanced by up to a total of 1 teaspoonful of table condiments or flavourings such as ketchup, sugar, etc.

There are insufficient calories here for two people for two days; in fact, there is only about half the RDA for calories, so this isn’t enough food to maintain an active lifestyle. As ingredients start to get sparse, are we still going to be able to make varied meals?