10 Hilarious Knock Off Fast Food Chains Only In China (Part 2)

10 Hilarious Knock Off Fast Food Chains Only In China (Part 2)

Here’s a list of the top 10 hilarious knock off fast-food chains in China part 2. It’s only a matter of time before more knock offs start appearing, and these are 10 hilarious knock-off fast food chains in China.
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A lot of Chinese businesses profit off of counterfeit products and fast-food chains. So, how do these businesses deliver? By knocking off the real thing with pretty darn good replicas… sometimes. Let’s take a look at 10 Hilarious Knock Off Fast Food Chains Only In China.

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0:22 CBC
1:31 Rhymes with Starbucks
2:47 O Mc…McDnoald’s
4:00 King Burger
5:14 Tim House
6:49 Wichael Alone
8:19 StarBox Coffee
9:33 Twinkle Queen
10:52 HotDognald’s and Mini Dog
12:09 Face Food, The Food of Facebook

– The fraudulent KFC restaurant called “CBC” is perhaps meant to be played off as “China’s Best Chicken”.
– When you change the b in the “bucks” from Starbucks for an f, you get the idea of what name this knock off coffee shop goes by.
– Counterfeit restaurants like O Mc McDnoald’s pop up in the cities around China.
– If you can’t find Burger King in China then you’ll be able to a least find “King Burger”.
– Tim House instead of Tim Horton’s and they of course sell coffee.
– Wichael Alone is a fake McDonald’s in China, and has the famous golden arches flipped upside down with a Ronald McDonald outside to greet customers who come to dine in.
– Starbucks’ army of caffeinated lawyers has previously forced “Star Box Coffee” shops to change their name.
– Dairy Queen did not get a pass when it comes to being imitated. First, it was Dairy Fairy and now it’s Twinkle Queen.
– Who is willing to check out a HotDognald’s or Mini Dog in China?
– There is also a “Facefood” cafe and bistro. The cafe’s tagline is “Facefood, the best food for your face”, whatever that means.

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